Supporting the arts: the VOTE MURAL

JPD is happy to support the VOTE MURAL, a project on Broadway and Dyckman St. by the local artist Daniel Bonilla! Come check it out! It’s only for one month.

¡JPD se complace en apoyar VOTE MURAL, un proyecto en Broadway y Dyckman St. del artista local Daniel Bonilla! ¡Ven a verlo! Es solo por un mes.

“Many of us have been taking to the streets in support of justice and democracy. Recently, I had a vision to send a message to my community. We are coming up pretty fast on 2020’s election and it is super important everyone votes. Our message will reflect just that, GO VOTE!”Daniel Bonilla, main artist and organizer of the “Your Vote Matters” mural. A local artist in uptown Manhattan, he worked in collaboration with BlazayNY (Robin Alcantara) and with North of Manhattan Art Alliance (NoMaa).

Juan Pablo Duarte’s foundation contribution went towards paint, brushes, scaffold, safety supplies, artist assistant payment, permits, and insurance.

Located on Broadway and Dyckman in Uptown Manhattan, the 11 x 20 foot mural is a visual representation of the community’s right to vote. The mural includes different hands placing ballots to represent voting in person, a USPS truck to depict voting by mail, and the reminder that Your VOTE Matters.

“Together, we can send a message to all those who can vote and make a difference in local and federal government!” said the artist.

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