About us

Celebrating the enduring legacy of Dominican heritage

Our Mission

To be the conduit for opportunities in the cultural, arts, and educational arenas that celebrate the enduring legacy of Dominican heritage.

JPD Foundation is unique in the specific services it offers and in its mission of serving as a resource for underfunded community groups, artists, and students. JPD Foundation helps make it possible for formal and informal groups to fulfill their missions and for students and artists to live up to their potential to benefit the Northern Manhattan community and society at large.

The project will serve the low-income Latinx and other communities of Washington Heights/Inwood by providing critically-needed free or affordable space for a range of youth-focused, cultural, and civic activities and gatherings. Event and activity space of all kinds is in extremely short supply; this has been exacerbated by gentrification of parts of the Heights/Inwood and associated the rising rents and increased stress on spaces currently available for non-profit and informal community use.

Get to know our team

JPD Foundation works with the help of its Advisory and Board members.

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