Karen Pineda became a nurse and thanks JPD

Greetings! My name is Karen Pineda. As of August 2nd, I became a new graduate nurse! I would love to take the time to express my gratitude and sincerely thank Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation. The donation that I received was heartfelt. Thank you! I really needed financial help during my journey. The program was extremely challenging and would not permit me to work on the side. I had over 900 hours of clinicals in a hospital setting and lab hours in school and countless of hours studying. I had to give my very best to make my dream come true. I focused only on working on myself and would study intensely day and night. My parents helped as much as they could throughout, but sometimes they need help themselves. This will definitely be paid forward by me being a nurse full of compassion and healing capabilities. I am very proud to be a bilingual nurse because it is much needed in my community. I will also continue to further my education to reach my maximum potential. Again, thank you for contribution towards my success. Here is two links of my pinning ceremony graduation!

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