Children’s books donation campaign: join DRSEA Reading Program at JPD Community Center

JPD Foundation is actively supporting the Dominican Republic Sports & Education Academy in its fall campaign to collect Spanish language children’s books for distribution in the Dominican Republic as part of the DRSEA Reading Program.

In order to develop a love for reading and provide an educational foundation that can last a lifetime, the program sends people into Dominican communities to read aloud to children.

We would like you to search your attic and cellar for such books. Spanish is of course the desired language, but if you have old children’s books in English we will gladly accept them as well!

Don’t have books for donation, but would like to buy one for the Campaign? Go to this list on and check out our suggestions.

The book drive will last until October 15, 2019. Donations will be accepted from 11AM to 6PM at JPD Community Center, located at GWB Marketplace (4211 Broadway, suite 23A, on the corner of 179th St. & Ft. Washington).  

Thanking you for making a difference in the Dominican Republic!

To know more about our partner’s work, go to

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