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The Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation (JPD Foundation), a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, traces its origin to the re-naming of St. Nicholas Avenue from 173rd Street to 190th Street in honor of the founder of the Dominican Republic.

The JPD Foundation is the first foundation to focus its energy on the educational needs of the Dominican community — the largest, and one of the poorest, immigrant groups in New York City. Centered in Washington Heights, the Foundation accepts applications for assistance from Dominican applicants throughout the New York City metropolitan area. JPD Foundation grantees are English Language Learners and former English Language Learners from low-income families. They are usually the first in their family to complete high school and the first to apply to college. While JPD Foundation grantees need financial aid, they also need logistical, guidance, and technical support in applying and getting accepted to college.

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The mission of the Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation is to provide moral and financial support to Latino students who follow the dream to become honorable members of the Latino Community in the United States. The Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation is committed to finding a way of encouraging academic excellence, ethnic pride and social interaction based on community opportunity.