Kilsy Hidalgo


Kilsy, daughter of Dominican parents who migrated and settled in Washington Heights as they searched for their definition of the American dream and raise a family in the United states without forgetting the Dominican Culture. This upbringing became the basis of Kilsy’s passion to always pursue her goals and continuously pay it forward to her community. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Business Management from Utica College of Syracuse University, becoming the first family member to graduate college. As the only Dominican out of the Founding Members of Lambda Pi Eta, National Communications Honor society’s Omicron Alpha Chapter, Kilsy made sure to promote her journey with hopes to motivate other Latinos to learn about honor societies. Founding Sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated’s Alpha Epsilon Chapter of New York. Kilsy is also a member of The Order of Eastern Star, Manhattan District’s Alpha Chapter NO.1 Kilsy was introduced to Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation when she served as the Greek Affairs Chair for the 2006 Festival y Carnaval del Boulevard and immediately felt at home.

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